A Detailed Review Of The New Balance 1500 "Evergreen Lake"

A Detailed Review Of The New Balance 1500 "Evergreen Lake"

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- Initial Impressions
- Sneaker Quality
- Sneaker Comfort
- Fit and Sizing
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T.R.I. Rating

New Balance 1500 "Evergreen Lake" | $210 | M1500UPG


A Masterful Colorway For the Made In UK New Balance 1500!

My Initial Impressions

When it comes to color combinations on sneakers that spark my interest, it doesn’t get much better than this pair for me. The combination of blue, green, and beige was masterfully executed and taken a few rungs higher on my personal hype ladder with the accents of yellow and orange embroidery. Pair this with New Balance’s use of premium materials and this was a shoe that I jumped at the opportunity to buy.

Although this is only my second pair of 1500s I’ve ever owned, the silhouette is quickly rising to the top of my favorites list. In closing, it isn’t a shoe you’ll find a ton of people wearing which is the icing on the cake for me.


The Quality

New Balance 1500 "Evergreen Lake"

How Is The Craftsmanship?

Made in the U.K. New Balance sneakers are usually the pinnacle of athletic footwear craftsmanship along with their US-made counterparts, but to be honest, this pair wasn’t the company’s best work. There were a few stray strings I found on the shoe, but that’s nothing major in my opinion. Due to the nature of how these sneakers are made, minor flaws like this are to be expected on occasion. All other aspects of the shoe were near perfect.

What Are The Materials like?

New Balance is notorious for using high-quality materials on their UK/US sneaker models and this pair was no exception. Even with the $200+ retail price tag that these carry in the US, I feel like you get more than what you pay for with an in-line releases like these.

Suede: The various panels of suede found on the shoe are on par with what I’ve come to expect from New Balance. The texture and in-hand feel are exceptional and quite a few steps above what’s often found on other brands’ collaborative releases. Runs your finger across the suede and you’ll see how the nap shifts colors right before your eyes, which demonstrates the quality of the materials used.

Nubuck: The navy overlays found on the midfoot area of the shoe seem to be of the synthetic nubuck of some sort, so nothing special. Despite not being the best, it does add another layer of texture to the shoe, which increases visual interest in my opinion.

Leather: Synthetic cuts of beige leather are used sparingly around the shoe’s ankle area. The quality is average and nothing I’d consider premium by any stretch of the imagination.

Mesh: The beige hits of mesh found on the toe remind me of the mesh found on the 990v5 as opposed to shoes like the 990v2 which seems to be softer and more pliable. This pair’s mesh panels have a bit of sheen to them, but are still lightweight and breathable.




How To Clean

Due to the delicate nature of this shoe’s materials, here are a few ‘suede-friendly’ products to consider copping if keeping your “Evergeen Lake” fresh is a top priority.

Scotchgard Suede Protector Spray

Reshoevn8r Dry Suede Cleaning Kit

Reshoevn8r Essentials Cleaning Kit

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The Comfort

New Balance 1500 "Evergreen Lake"

How Comfortable Is The New Balance 1500?

The general consensus around the sneaker community is that New Balance makes some of the most comfortable sneakers on the market, and the New Balance 1500 is one of the more comfortable silhouettes the brand has to offer. I’ve owned and worn 12+ New Balance models and the 1500 is probably a contender to make the top-5 list as far as comfort is concerned.

Lightweight: Since the 1500 was originally released as a running shoe, you don’t have to worry about it feeling heavy on-feet. This makes for it being a great all-day, everyday footwear option.

Balanced Cushioning: The 1500’s ENCAP midsole technology harkens back to a day when comfortable running shoes aimed to prove the right amount of cushioning without sacrificing stability. New Balance got it right by creating a shoe that is adequately cushioned, but substantial enough to feel great after miles of wear. There are definitely softer shoes on the market, but none than offer consistent comfort throughout the life of the shoe.

Longevity: I’ve owned this pair for a little over a year and they’ve been a great option that I wear most often in the fall/winter months on dry days.




Where To Buy

Even if you missed out on the original release, you can pick up an authentic pair from one of the trusted selling platforms listed below.

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Fit and Sizing

New Balance 1500 "Evergreen Lake"

How Does The New Balance 1500 Fit?

Generally speaking, the New Balance 1500 fits a little snug at true-to-size due to the aggressive slope in the toe-box area of the shoe.

I usually wear a US11.5 in most New Balance shoes like the 990 models, but I prefer a US12 in the New Balance 1500. Even at this size, the 1500 fits snug out of the box and I could go up a half-size if I really wanted to. The sharp slope of the toe-box gives the New Balance 1500 a dope look, but it is also what makes this shoe fit more snug.

Considering I like to wear my shoe’s loosely laced, the US12 works perfectly and maintains a fairly secure fit with no heel slippage. Another shoe with a similar fit profile is the New Balance 577 which is also snug when buying true-to-size.

You can check out our complete New Balance 1500 Fit and Sizing Guide where we share more sizing recommendations based on your individual foot type and fit preference.

Detailed Images:

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