[Review] New Balance 990v4 "Copper Rose"

In this review, we take a look at the New Balance 990v4 “Copper Rose”. This is a premium men’s running shoe from New Balance that’s perfect for the fall. See what we think about this shoe’s quality, comfort and value in our detailed review. Keep reading to the end to see how I was able to get this shoe for an incredible price.


New Balance 990v4 “Copper Rose”

Retail Price: $175 Paid: $67
Released: 2018
Style Code: M990CP4


The Video:


Sneaker Quality:

The Materials:

While most New Balance 990v4 models incorporate a mixture of high-quality suede and mesh on the upper, this version of the shoe features an all-suede upper.

The red portion of the shoe that dominates the upper is a longer-haired pigskin suede material that not only looks rich, but feels equally amazing as when in hand.

In addition, the orange and navy perforated portions of the shoe are comprised of a smoother version of pigskin suede that also looks and feels amazing when swiped.

As with most New Balance shoes, this sneaker also includes reflective 3M hits on the New Balance “N” logo, the 990 logos, and on the back heel.

If you’re not familiar with the materials New Balance use on their Made in the USA models, you’ll immediately be impressed. The materials that are used on this shoe and others like it go above and beyond what other brands use on their shoes.

The red portion of the shoe that dominates the upper is a longer-haired pigskin suede material that not only looks rich, but feels equally amazing as when in hand.
— Jared | @jaredxwatson

the Construction:

The New Balance 990v4 is one of a few New Balance running shoe models that are constructed here in the USA at the company’s Boston, Massachusetts factory.

One look around this shoe and you’ll quickly notice that the stitching is clean and precise and there are little to no glue stains where the midsole and upper meet.

I’ve owned New Balance models for years and have never had any issues with the construction of their shoes, and I expect this shoe to hold-up tough to anything I throw at it.

We’ll go into sizing later, but it’s also worth mentioning here that this shoe is constructed a bit wider than most other running shoes, which is what I like about this shoe, as well.

Other retro runners from Nike are considerably more narrow, which may be preferable to some, but I just see the 990v4 being more accommodating to more people.


Sneaker Sizing & Comfort:

The Sizing:

Generally speaking, New Balance shoes have a generous fit right out of the box and this is true with this New Balance 990v4.

I’m a pretty hefty dude with fairly chunky feet and I immediately noticed how much roomier the toe area was on this shoe compared to shoes offered by other brands – i.e. Nike and Adidas.

For that reason, people with narrower feet or people who prefer a more snug and secure fit can afford to go down half a size from their normal Nike or Adidas shoe size.

On the other hand, going true to size may work for those with wider feet or those who prefer more wiggle room in the toe.

People with narrower feet or people who prefer a snug fit can afford to go down half a size from their normal Nike or Adidas shoe size.
— Jared | @jaredxwatson

The Cushioning:

The first version of the 990 was originally released as one of New Balance’s flagship running shoes back in the early 1980’s. It brought a level of comfort, stability, and flexibility to the running shoe market that was previously unavailable.

Fast forward to today, and this New Balance 990v4 is considered more of a lifestyle shoe, however, its running shoe DNA is still present. The shoe features New Balance’s ENCAP technology which is incredibly comfortable right out of the box and offers a plush feel for both casual and athletic wear.

In other reviews we’ve mentioned how this shoe’s midsole isn’t a soft and bouncy as Nike React or Adidas Boost, but maintains its plush feel much longer and becomes more comfortable with each wear.


Sneaker Style & Value:

The Wearability:

There’s just something about this shoe’s colorways that screams old-school “Astros” and fall to me. This makes these shoes are the perfect addition to a well-rounded autumn sneaker rotation with these being good “statement” sneakers.

The colors are indeed unique but are executed in a way that doesn’t come off a being too loud or obnoxious.

When it comes to styling the sneaker, it’ll be best to keep pair this shoe with a simple sweatshirt and jeans that don’t clash with the boldness of the shoes.

Your everyday sneakers are important, but statement sneakers like these REALLY take your personal style to a higher level.
— Jared | @jaredxwatson


Even at the retail ($175), this shoe remains a considerably good value within the sneaker industry. Not only is it made in the US, by American workers, but it also uses superior products that are second to none, when compared to the competition.

Couple this with the fact that it can be found online for well below retail (I paid $67), and you’ve got a shoe that is the perfect example of a STEAL.

If you’re looking to snag a pair, click the button below that will take you to Google Shopping listings for this shoe and see if you can luck up and find your size for a similarly low price.


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