Sizing Guide: How Does The Air Jordan 6 Fit?

My Methodology

I like to preface this sizing guide by saying that there is no “perfect shoe size”, but rather a “size range” that works best for most people when it comes to sneakers. As you continue reading, understand that this “size range assumption” will serve as the foundation for the fit and sizing advice provided in this guide. Enjoy and I hope it helps!


HOW DOES THE Air Jordan 6 FIT?

The Air Jordan 6 fits roomy at true-to-size.

In most situations, the Air Jordan 6 fits slightly roomier than other Jordan models when going true-to-size or with your most common Nike or Jordan Brand size. Continue reading for more helpful tips based on your individual foot type and fit preference.


Sizing Tips

Air Jordan 6 Fit and Sizing Guide

  • I wear a US12 in most Jordan Retros and Nikes, but I prefer to go down a half-size (11.5) with the Air Jordan 6. When going tts, there’s more room in the toe than I prefer, so going with the smaller size gives me a fit that allows me to wear the shoes loosely laced, with no heel slippage.

    Other Nike/Jordan shoes that I go down a half-size in:

    Air Force 1
    Air Jordan 1
    Air Jordan 5

  • For those with narrow feet, you should definitely consider going down a half size from your normal Jordan/Nike size. Staying tts may result in the excess room in the toe box area to cause foot movement when walking.

  • For those with wide feet, you will be safe going with your most common Nike or Jordan size due to the roominess of the Air Jordan 6’s toe area. Going up a half size may create a situation where there is too much extra length in the shoe and you may experience unwanted forward foot movement when walking.

  • Those that prefer a snug fit should definitely consider going down a half-size from their most common Nike size in the Air Jordan 6 to achieve a comfortable 1-to-1 fit.

    However, if you’re in a pinch and can’t find your preferred size, staying with your most common Jordan/Nike size would most likely work, but may require you to tighten up your laces for a more secure fit.

  • If you prefer a roomy fit, then staying with your most common Nike/Jordan size should provide ample room for most buyers. However, if you’re in a pinch and can’t find your preferred size, going up a half-size may work, but avoid going down a half-size.

  • From my experience, the Air Jordan 6 has a similar fit profile to the Air Jordan 5 and 7 which I both prefer to wear in a US11.5 as opposed to my usual US12.


Air Jordan 6 FAQs

Answers To Common Questions

  • Considering it was originally released back in 1991 the Air Jordan 6 is a fairly comfortable shoe for what it is.

    It won’t blow you away by any stretch of the imagination, but the shoe’s visible air unit does provide enough comfort for casual wear and should hold up during most wearings as long as you don’t push them too far.

    As always, for added comfort, you can opt for after-market insoles that could add additional cushioning if needed.

  • Most Air Jordan 6 releases offer uppers comprised of full-grain leather, nubuck, or suede.

  • When it comes to most Air Jordan 6 offerings comprised of traditional leather, they can be easily cleaned with a product like the Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit by Reshoevn8r which provides everything necessary to keep your pair looking fresh and for a reasonable price.

  • If you’re into nostalgic Air Jordan models or shoes in general, then the Air Jordan 6 has to be in your collection.

    The silhouette was the signature shoe worn by Michael Jordan while on the journey toward his first NBA championship.

    For that reason alone you can understand why it’s so revered within the sneaker community, but besides the nostalgia, the AJ6 is a good-looking sneaker.

    My preference is OG colorways that MJ actually wore on the court, but there are a lot of great GR and collaborative releases that are definitely worth a cop as well.

    Of course, these are just my opinions, but since you asked the question…

    I’ll have to say, “Grab a pair if you haven’t already.”


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