Sizing Guide: How Does The Nike Air Alpha Force '88 Fit?

My Methodology

I would like to preface this sizing guide by saying that there is no “perfect shoe size” but rather a “size range” that works best for most people when it comes to sneakers. As you continue reading, understand that this “size range” assumption will serve as the foundation of my fit and sizing advice. Enjoy the article and I hope it helps!



The Nike Air Alpha Force '88 fits snug at true-to-size.

In most scenarios, the Nike Air Air Alpha Force ‘88 fits snug at true-to-size, but continue reading for more tips based on your individual foot type and/or fit preference.


Sizing Tips

Nike Air Alpha Force '88 Fit and Sizing Guide

  • I usually wear a US12 in most athletic and leisure shoes and that’s what I like to wear in the Nike Air Alpha Force ‘88. At this size, the Air Alpha Force ‘88 fits comfortably snug with no excessive length at the toe. Since I like to wear my shoes loosely laced, the US12 works perfectly. Another shoe with a similar fit profile is the Nike Air Trainer 1 which also fit comfortably snug when buying true-to-size.

  • If you have narrow feet, you may want to stay with your standard shoe size. Although the width of the footbed is generous, the shoes are spot-on length-wise, and going down a half-size will make the sneaker too snug.

  • Those with wider feet will most likely want to go a half-size up from your most common regardless of how snug or roomy you like your shoes to fit.

    Wide-footers that are in-between sizes, should opt to go up a half-size just to be safe. Only look to go true-to-size in a pinch if your desired size is not available.

  • If you prefer as snug fit or like to wear your shoes loosely laced, then you should definitely go with your higher shoe size.

    For example, I wear an 11.5/12 and to get a snug fit, I’d buy a 12, as the 11.5 would be too snug.

  • If you prefer a roomy fit or like to wear your shoes tightly laced go up a half-size and especially if you have wide feet.

    In a pinch, you could get away with your normal size, but only if that’s your only option.



Nike Air Alpha Force '88 FAQs

Answers To Common Questions

  • Despite the dated cushioning technology, the Nike Air Alpha Force ‘88 offers a comfortable ride for casual wear. While it may not meet the performance demands of modern basketball, it provides enough cushion for everyday use.

    The mid-top construction and ankle strap provide additional support, reminiscent of the stability needed on the basketball court. While not its standout feature, the shoe’s breathability is decent, providing enough airflow for general wear.

  • To date, the majority of Nike Air Alpha Force ‘88 releases come in various forms of traditional and vegan leather uppers that harken back to the OG model.

  • If you’re rough on shoes, then cleaning shoes like the Air Alpha Force ‘88 shouldn’t be much of a challenge due to the leather used on most areleasts. RESHOEVN8R offers amazing products like the Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit that provide everything you need to keep the sneaker fresh for many wears.


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